From Macedonia, Mother gypsy Ebip Serafedino born in Skopje in a large family on the banks of the Vardar valley.

Skopje November 20, 1952. Self-taught artist, he Practice non-figurative expressionist style.


From 1970 to 1974. He works in Rome, Florence, Venice, Tenerife, Berlin, Amsterdam. Arrived at Montmartre in 1975, he exhibited for the first time in 1980, the following year he presented his works at Wax Museum Street Poulbot today Espace Dali. In 1984, he participated in a group exhibition at Gallery 14 Robert Philip, Norvins street. Serafedino is quoted in the BENEZIT and the dictionary of painters of Montmartre.

He also exhibited in Hamburg, Saarbrücken (New Art Gallery, then twice gallery Filmhauses), Helsingborg (Sweden, gallery Flesser), Istanbul (Gallery Ekol Constantinopolis) and Paris in 1995 to Etienne gallery Causans, rue de Seine. In a recently published catalog in three languages​​,

Gérard Xuriguera, author of the preface, not chache his enthusiasm for his work: “…

From that point on

With sobriety decked flamboyance, unbridled lyricism inflected by a constructive spirit, an impatient gesture that simply knows his wanderings, an imagination awake, Serafedino develop a dense and supple, powerful and contrasting work … “Workshop Place de Tertre”.

Confident in his destiny, Ebip Serafedino lives serenely all discursive bursting with courage and sincerity, knowing full well that at the end of his quest, he will be directed means the means to reconcile to himself.

Ebip Serafedino Paris is a prope place to manage because its unreason on canvas.

Born in Macedonia, it carries with it the Mediterranean fervor is fond bright colors forming a fire in their collective mosaic fraternal and cosmopolitan.

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